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Sea buckthorn dried berries – Bio Hunza 100% Organic

Sea buck thorn dried berries -USDA organic Product. Pure Organic and Exotic. Sea-Buck thorn is a common herb it’s fruits leaves and flower makes medicine. The fruits has been prized as a miracle benefits in  loosing weight prevention constipation and value base ingredients in a facial moisturizer in.Is packed with antioxidants and offers twelve time the vitamin C of orange which is essential for good health. Third highest source of vitamin E in the plant World.A variety of consumer need including improving Skin tone and texture and health aging and digestive noticeable improvements in cardiovascular fitness energy and originated in Himalayas  dried berries fruit is a tiny yellow orange berry grown all over the world and used in jams juices. Little berry is as enriched in high amount of protein fiber vitamins.

Buck thorn seed and oil is a true skin healer.It is widely used and probably best known as beauty berry as well daily keep you young from the inside out.

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