About Us

Our Vision

Health Homie® is an online natural and organic food retailer and services provider serving health conscious people across the Pakistan. Shop on our website from the comfort of your home, with products delivered right to your door.

Why Choose Us?
Welcome to Health Homie, an online natural and organic health food store. Nothing is more important than our health and it starts with the foods we eat and the products we use in our homes or in daily life routine. Health Homie bring you the variety of products from organic and natural foods to vitamins, supplements, personal care, body care, skin care, cosmetics, baby products, eco-friendly home products and so much more that you can ever wished of, “We bring it all to you”. Health Homie the online retailer have well-organized categories, search filters, and helpful labels you can find whatever you need within seconds that include vast variety of natural and organic products.

Our Team
Health Homie is a business founded on personal wellbeing and environmental welfare. We are a team comprised of individuals and professionals who have transformed their lives through healthy living and motivated to transform others life too. We have varying backgrounds and interests but we all share a passion for natural products and organic healthy foods. How satisfied and great we feel when we maintain the right diet and use chemical-free products that are safe for health and for the environment. Our lives have significantly enriched as a result of the changes we’ve made.

Quality You Can Rely On
Health Homie doesn’t sell just any products available in the market, we analyze market trends, conduct thorough research about the brands and their products, and select the highest quality products supplied to our consumers. We never compromise on the quality of the products. From our wide ranged inventory and the excellent customer care, when you shop with us, you know you have made the right choice.

Dependable Service Every Day of the Week
Your health can’t wait! We understand it. And that’s why Health Homie is open seven days a week to help you feel and look your best all year round. We’re passionate about what we do and we love talking to our customers, answering questions and helping people make smart and healthy decisions. This translates into a pleasant and reliable service that comes from industry experts who know firsthand how great it feels to eat and live naturally.

Helping Our Clients
Nothing gives us a greater sense of satisfaction than helping a client in need. New customers turn to Health Homie to replace the over processed and chemical ridden products in their pantries with all-natural and nutrient-rich alternatives. No matter what questions you may have or what assistance you might need as you navigate through our online health store, we all are here to help our clients to better understand or choose between the products and they can contact us seven days a week whenever they want.

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