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Size: 40 Grams

  • USDA Certified.
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  • Helps in reducing weight
  • Glowing Clear Skin


Organic Lemongrass Tea bags is only a type of dark tea or green tea to which lemon juice has been added to Provide an exceptional flavour. Lemon tea basically contains hot tea with a lemon squeeze and sugar. The expansion of lemon juice makes its shading as well as enhances its taste. Organic Lemongrass Tea is commonly taken orally as well or it can be directly added to the skin. Organic lemongrass Tea can be really helpful for the revile of abdominal issue like stomach cramps a cough, cold etc. Lemon Tea can also be used as a detox that kick-starts your metabolism and aids weight loss since it contains few calories. It is helpful to control diabetes. It can also be helpful to improve fasting blood levels. This tea can wonderfully work as an alternative to Stomach Cramping. This tea improves the immune system and has turned out to be helpful in fighting against the symptoms of a cough, cold and related allergies. Organic lemongrass tea bags also boosts up your skin health. The best lemon herbal tea we are providing to you produced by natural things.

Organic Lemongrass Tea -Bio Hunza

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