The Many Health Benefits of Honey

The Many Health Benefits of Honey

Familiarity with this sweet, gooey, and beautiful golden syrup is not something new to very many of us. The presence of honey in every household speaks volumes about its usefulness in our day-to-day life. Be it in the form of a natural sweetener, a staple breakfast or a beautifying agent; the health benefits of honey are widespread.

You’ll be flabbergasted to know that the history of raw honey is as old as time itself. Humans of the early period would put their lives at stake to hunt down beehives and fulfill their temptations. It would keep them on their feet and heal wounds side by side. On top of that, its value was equivalent to that of gold today; whoever possessed a good amount of honeycomb would turn a profit in the barter trade.

Raw Honey VS Processed Honey

Depending on the extraction procedure, it can be classified into TWO broad categories: raw and processed.
Raw honey is the purest. It is derived from beehives, stored in jars and made available to the public straight away. The presence of natural yeast, bee pollen, and nutritious enzymes make it stand out. Whereas, processed honey, goes through a number of steps before making its way to the stores. It is heated, processed and robbed off a major proportion of heat-sensitive nutritions. Thereby, making it less healthy than raw honey.

The Benefits of Honey

Though the benefits of honey are vast, I’ve shortlisted the most effective ones.

1. Natural Cough Syrup

One of the most trusted benefits of honey is that of curing intense amount of coughing. It has traditionally been used as a natural alternative to conventional cough syrups. It reduces mucus secretion and remedies harsh coughing without side effects. Various studies show that a mere one dose of honey ranks more effective than two cough medications (diphenhydramine and dextromethorphan). It is ideal to take a minimum of half a teaspoon before heading to bed, so you sleep like a baby and wake up with a good throat.

2. Aids Weight Loss

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One of the most effective benefits of honey is that of weight loss. It is a weight-loss friendly ingredient that can be used in an array of interesting ways. For instance, gulping down a glass of lukewarm water with honey mobilizes body fat and burns it. You can customize the mixture by adding in a pinch of cinnamon that would further combine with honey and improve metabolism. Moreover, a study from the University of Wyoming suggests consuming honey before having food, suppresses appetite;  limiting calorie intake.

3. Wound Healing Properties

The benefits of honey are remarkable for dealing with cuts, wounds, and skin burn. It reacts with the body’s fluids to make hydrogen peroxide which prevents bacteria from growing. Thereby, reducing the severity of the affected area, within days. You wouldn’t believe, clinically manufactured honey-infused bandages are being produced in many countries, for the same reason.

4. Natural Sweetener

Raw honey is hands down one of the sweetest natural liquids ever known to mankind. If you are someone who has issues regarding cutting down on processed white sugar, substituting it with raw honey will prove out to be the most life-changing benefits of honey for you. It has high proportions of glucose and fructose that make it less harmful as compared to white sugar. But remember, nutrients will benefit your sugar level, provided it is consumed with moderation.

5. Enhances Sleep Patterns

One of the most salient benefits of honey is improving sleep patterns. Poor sleep schedule gives rise to critical health conditions such as hypertension and type-2 diabetes. However, raw honey has the tendency to put these disturbing sleep patterns to place. Consuming a teaspoon of honey before falling to sleep will provide the liver with sufficient glycogen that will prevent your brain from passing signals and keep you from waking up, time and again, feeling hungry.

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