Organic Almonds Shell – 100% Organic – Bio Hunza


Size: 500 Grams

Almonds Shell – 100% Organic – Bio Hunza


Organic Almonds Shell

From casual snacking options to being an essential element of sweet and savory culinary dishes, almonds truly are the most popular of all nuts. Those encaged within strong natural shells are considered to be the richest in nutrients thus providing generous health benefits to consumers.

Almonds overflow with vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers deemed necessary for a sound body. As per researches consuming a handful of almonds every day can provide one-eighth of our daily protein needs. How amazing is that? Moreover, they are also rich in vitamin E which helps in reducing cholesterol levels. The best part about these buts is they reduce hunger, create a feeling of fullness therefore, reducing the calorie intake. Sounds too good to be true. Additionally, they are also rich in anti-oxidants that not only hydrate your skin but also keep it supple and soft.

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Weight 500 g

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500 Grams