Rose Water – 100% Organic – Bio Hunza


Size: 110 Ml

Why Use Rose Water?

  • Rose Aroma is a Mood Enhancer
  • Amazing Facial Toner
  • Tightens up Wrinkles
  • Anti-Inflammatory Reduces Face Redness
  • Makes Makeup Color More Long Lasting
  • Can Be Used As An Makeup Remover


Red Rose Water – 100% Organic – Bio Hunza  Rose Water as a Magic Potion 

Liquid infused with aromatic red rose petals is a staple in every household. It is a multipurpose product that contributes to almost all aspects of life with a natural approach. A cherry on top, it is mostly inexpensive and light on the pocket.

Multiple traditional, as well as continental desserts such as Rice Pudding, Gulab Jamuns, Panna Cotta and Macarons, would lose their X-factor if a small number of rose water drops are not added.

In terms of skincare,  rose water has abundant uses. It can be used as a natural facial cleanser and toner. People carry it in their bags and spritz it all over their face in order to stay hydrated and feel fresh. Moreover, due to its anti-bacterial properties, red rose can also be used as an effective organic remedy for improving skin conditions such as acne. People often combine it with almond oil or regular cream to use it as a moisturizer for their body.

People who wear contact lenses, often add few drops of it to their eyes in order to avoid redness and irritation. It is also believed that due to its mood-enhancing properties, inhaling the vapours of red rose water spray reduces stress and headache.

Therefore, investing in an organic, good quality red rose water will never keep anyone at loss.

100% Organic Rose Water

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